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Phone: (785) 799-3456 Phone: (785) 527-8236

Fisher Rocks is currently expericing a price change. Any prices listed currently on our website are subject to change. Please contact us for prices!

Toll free: 866-799-3456



Fisher Rocks Inc. is now open at our new Belleville, Kansas location.  We are located

right off of Hwy 81 in the old national guard armory building.

We still offer all of the custom rock products that

we have on our website and plan to add more.

Fisher Rocks is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. 

You can call us at 866-799-3456 or 785-527-8236 to

order any rock product. 

You can also send us an email at

We are very excited to be in our new location .  We are committed to providing the

same quality product and service you have come to know from Fisher Rocks.

Important information about all our rocks:

* Glass seams are a natural part of the rock.

*A glass seam looks like a discoloration in the rock.

* All rocks are custom designed.

* We offer a full line of custom residential & business rock signs.

* The limestone products may feature name, address,

art and licensed logos.

* We can not guarantee your rock will be identical to the picture.

*Every rock is chipped and shaped in our facility

as each one is made.

* Be assured that we strive for the highest quality

of the finished product.

* We will not refund or exchange custom products.